Here’s a little about me:

I often tell people that I didn’t really get interested in aviation until age two. My first flight on a small airplane was at the age of three. My first commercial flight was when I was in high school – on a British Airways Concorde!

Needless to say, I have aviation coursing through my veins. My passion for sport aviation became cemented after being a participant in the Experimental Aircraft Association’s second annual Air Academy in 1985.

Committed to pursuing my intense interest in aviation, I earned my private pilot’s license and a degree in aeronautical engineering and have worked as an engineer for several aircraft manufacturing firms. I share this passion with anyone else who wants to experience the joy that comes from the freedom of flight firsthand by building and flying recreational aircraft.

Here’s a little about my work:

When did you become a pilot?
How many models of aircraft have you worked with?
Over 50
How long have you been a designee?
Over a decade.
Corbin Cabin Ace
Blakesburg 2014 N805RF IMG_111623
Lancair 320
Bugatti 100p
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